Human Resources and Employee Benefits Compliance

The goal of human resource compliance is to take proactive steps through adequate risk management procedures to reduce an employer's liability in their employment practices. These steps provide a unique way for Rosson & Associates to differentiate ourselves from other insurance agencies in the market. It allows an employer the ability to see our level of service and commitment aside from their insurance program.

This compliance program is a risk management service designed to assist human resources managers with their compliance procedures. The process includes education, updating administrative systems, supervisor training and offering our service as a resource for any questions or concerns.

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Common Questions
What Happens When?
  • An employee did not sign the waiver of other coverage for the spouse?
  • The employee did not know about their rights regarding a 30 day notice of a special enrollment event?
  • An employer holds firmly the company's formal leave policy and denies an employee's request for an extension?
  • An employer's COBRA notice is returned from the post office, how many times do you attempt delivery?

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